BlackJack Table

BlackJack table – optimal play strategy

blackjack table
blackjack table
We have created optimal BlackJack play table with correct plays in all the different situations you may encounter playing BlackJack at local casino or online. Our BlackJack table will be correct at most BlackJack games which uses 6 decks of cards and are played by standard BlackJack rules which allow doubling, splitting and sometimes surrendering. Playing by this table will reduce house edge to lowest possible and will give you the best chance possible to walk away as a big winner. Usually house edge will be around 0.42% which means on every $100 bets you will loose on average only 42 cents. Sounds good? I would say – sounds fantastic. Not many, not even one another game in casino will offer you odds so favourable to player. So here is the table:

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If you want to practise playing by this table, you can check out Unibet casino, as it offers demo play for BlackJack. It will help you to practise reading this table and memorising all different situations. If you want, you can even print out this perfect play BlackJack table and take it to your local casino next time you go gambling. Is it allowed in casinos? In most places it is allowed as you will look like novice player and casino loves them. Some casinos even distribute these perfect play BlackJack tables themselfes in their gambling places. If you want to gamble regularly, I would suggest you to memorise this table in your head as in the long term it will save you a lot of money. Each mistake made by players cost them money, so you don’t want to do that. If you are ready to try your luck by playing by perfect play BlackJack table, you can find great list of casinos on our Online Casinos page.